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Decarbonization Through Electrification; Solving Today's Energy Problems For A Better Tomorrow

Discover how our team's passion and dedication is solving today's toughest challenges in Energy Transition


We’re Evolving the way energy is generated, delivered and utilized in today's Energy Transition.

With increasing complexity in today's electrification roadmap to decarbonize our economy, Evolution Energy is paving the way for an easier path by providing turnkey services for electrification by seamlessly  integrating various components of a resilient and reliable electrical system. Evolution Energy brings the best of Project Development, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Software and Data Analytics to one place for complete satisfaction of various project stakeholders.


Renewable Energy 

Solar, Wind, Hydro, Geothermal, Bioenergy and Green Hydrogen.

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Market Sectors

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EV Charging

Fleet Electrification, Public Fast Charging Depots; Multi-unit Residential Buildings (MURBS).  

Battery Storage

Renewable Energy Storage, Peak Shaving, Demand Shifting - Mobile or Stationary Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

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We Deliver Exceptional Products and Services Tailored for Our Customers Needs 

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We collaborate with several organizations that embody our vision and help us execute our mission.


Canadian Renewable Energy Association canREW


Engineers & Geoscientists of British Columbia


Energy Storage Canada


Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers

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