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Battery Energy Storage System

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), play a crucial role in Cleantech by addressing the intermittency and variability of renewable energy sources such as solar/wind power and peak demands of EV Charging Infrastructure. By incorporating BESS into demand shifting and peak shaving strategies, energy providers and users can reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and help to shift the energy system towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. Additionally, BESS can help to lower energy costs, improve the resilience of the energy system and minimize service upgrade delays.

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Independent cabinet and modular battery design for increased safety. Higher efficiency and longer life cycle. Double layer fire protection system with intelligent temperature control.

All-in-one modular solution allows for quick installation time and minimizes maintenance required for local failures. Cloud EMS allows easy remote monitoring and control of all units.

Built-in functionalities such as peak shaving, demand management, demand response, power expansion, emergency backup power, etc.

Each independent working cabinet can be connected in parallel to expand the total capacity of the energy storage system.

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